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Marketing Services for Aviation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Edge Solutions is a lean marketing firm that focuses on serving small-medium sized industrial construction, aviation, and manufacturing clients in need of outsourced marketing solutions. The commonalities of these three industries overlap in areas regarding the importance placed on safety, insurance requirements, and cyclical risk. These unique factors overflow into marketing and benefits are to be had from partnering with a firm that understands industry requirements, standards, and the people who keep business moving everyday. Businesses within construction, aviation, and manufacturing often thrive on relationships, referrals, and contracts that do not require extensive marketing investment, but would benefit greatly from further development with basic marketing planning and activities to engage employee's, customers, and stakeholders. As many organizations are merged, bought and sold, or passed down within these industries, investing in marketing efforts can increase value in both bottom-line dollars and goodwill factors contributing to future growth down the road. 


Nick Chapman

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Nick Chapman has been a lifetime local resident of Western Pennsylvania. Graduating from Penn State Behrend, The Erie College in 2020 (Marketing and MIS), his background consists of business development, marketing, and project management for industrial products and services. During and after his time in college, Nick has worked with several small-medium sized (SMB's) firms in both Erie, PA and Pittsburgh, PA in industries such as landscaping, residential construction, industrial construction, agriculture, and additive manufacturing. He is passionate about helping business owners and leaders of SMB's effectively grow their businesses through marketing education, strategy, and planning. His main goal is to grow into assisting locally owned and/or family businesses with branding and marketing prior, during, or after ownership and leadership transitions.

"Marketing is not just for the customer... it's a dynamic form of communication to team members, partners, vendors, etc. that constantly shapes outcomes for the business and it's people."
-Nick Chapman
Principal @ Edge Solutions


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