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Hold Up

Before we work together, there are some things you should know...

  1. We may work WITH you and FOR you, but we will NEVER act as in place of a customers' organizational management.

  2. We are not responsible for the outcome of our projects, recommendations, deliverable's, services, etc. Under contract, there is an agreement that it is either up to you to take our idea's and deliverable's and run with them. As a separate party working FOR you (in some cases), to implement our work on a reoccurring basis, the same conditions apply.

  3. Edge is not responsible for a customers' negligence, data or pertinent information relating to business transactions/operations, nor loss of profit(s), etc.

*Services completed on behalf of EDGE SOLUTIONS LLC will be outlined, agreed upon, and signed by both parties. Payment terms and contract limits will be established and honored by all parties involved. Thank you for your cooperation!

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